We have cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape available for packaging. While rope, webbing and tie down ratchet straps are available to secure the load. When it comes to loading and unloading we have sack barrow's, piano trolley's and pallet trucks available to hire. You can even hire a satellite navigation system so you don't lose your way. Deposits will be required on some of these items.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes

45.2cm x 45.2 x 49.3cm cardboard boxes.

£3.50+vat each or £3.10+vat each for 10 or more.

Packing straps


A 5m roll of webbing.


Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap

A long roll of bubble wrap, 100m x 750cm 


Or a short roll of bubble wrap: 2m x  750cm 


Packing tape

Packing tape

A standard roll of packing tape




A 20m roll of rope:


Or a shorter 10m roll:


Tie Down Ratchet strap

A Tie Down Ratchet strap 25mm x 4m:


Hire Sat Nav

Satellite navigation rental

Rent a Tomtom 1 to ensure you don't get lost:

£10.00 a day + £100 deposit

£45.00 a week + £100 deposit

Hire a Sack Trolley

Sack Barrow 

Rent a sack barrow

£5.00+vat per day

£20.00+vat a week

Piano Trolley

Rent a piano trolley:

£5.00+vat per day

Pallet Truck

Rent a pallet truck:

£10.00+vat per day

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