A couple of scenarios where you might want to hire a car in Hatfield?

This morning I interviewed someone in Hatfield for a future position. During the interview I wanted to gauge their understanding of why people might hire a car from St Albans Car and Van Hire. So I posed the question - 'can you describe a couple of scenarios where you might want to hire a car in Hatfield?' His answers were so good I thought I'd share them:

'My family are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We have looked at getting rid of our car but- while we could go to visit friends or do the shopping on the bus or by taxi, come the summer holidays we want to be able to get out for picnics or trips to the coast. Taking a train or bus with the buggy and Tom (our son aged 6) would be a nightmare! But we could sell the car and just hire a car during school holidays or if we needed to travel far. Doing that would not only make a huge impact on my families carbon footprint but would also mean a fantastic saving on money!'

Another scenario he described was 'A couple of years ago, my car developed a major fault. When the garage phoned to say they would need to order parts and the car would not be ready for a week, I thought that’s annoying but I suppose as its only a week I will make do ! I’ll cycle into work! So Monday morning I jumped on my bike and rode in but the pain in muscles I didn’t know I had made me rethink!  Maybe a bus was a better idea. What I failed to appreciate was the bus stop, while only 5 minutes away from work, meant that on the Thursday I arrived at work soaked to the bone. I had to walk around squelching for most of the day. It wasn’t a pretty sight let me tell you! Thinking about it now, I should have made the decision to hire a car. That week would have been so much easier!'

I was very impressed by these answers, they were very valid reasons to hire a car, and if I'm honest they would not be ones that immediately spring to mind! So I guess the tip of the day is, you may have more reasons to visit us at St Albans Car and Van hire then you think!  Give it some thought. That car that sits on your drive 9 months of the year is costing you for 12 months! It may be far cheaper to hire a car instead when you need it.

Posted on January 22nd 2012

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