All Aboard in St. Albans!

St. Albans is a pretty active city, involving a diverse range of people from the local community. This is aided through the work of ‘Active St. Albans’ - an independent, voluntary-led organisation which supports our community clubs and organisations to deliver a higher quantity and quality of sport and physical activity to local residents.

There are a good number of these clubs and organisations in the St. Albans area, providing a diverse choice of activity, for personal fitness and training, and also team sports. Here are just a few…

‘The Saints’ – St. Albans’ City Football Club, was founded in 1908 and consists of a First Team, a Development Squad, and an Under 18s Team. The club plays its home matches at Clarence Park, but has a number of away fixtures throughout the season.

Also with its home at Clarence Park, is St. Albans Cricket Club. The club has four teams who compete in the Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League, two teams who play in the Chess Valley League, and a thriving Colts section.

St. Albans Hockey Club also has a vast youth section, with over 200 youth members, and also with over 300 adult members. The club is still growing, as is its ever-expanding ‘Tangerine Army’ of parents, friends and families. Based at Oaklands College, the club also has a number of away matches during the season, and of course the loyal Tangerine Army follows their team to show their never-ending loyalty and support.

The atmosphere at these clubs’ matches must be pretty electric as the excitement mounts towards the final score, but we bet it’s even better when the whole team and their supporters are able to travel to and from their matches together. And what better way to do that, than in quality minibuses from St. Albans Car and Van Hire; our minibus hire fleet is one of the most comprehensive in the outer London area.

You can just imagine the team spirit as the supporters begin a sing-song, and the adrenaline which starts pumping through the team members when they get closer to their match destination. And what about the journey home – a celebratory atmosphere for the winners, and a great opportunity for a team talk if the result has not been such a good one.

All of our minibuses are regularly maintained and serviced, meaning you can rest-assured of getting to your destination on time (so long as the traffic doesn’t hold you up). So, if you’re part of a sports team in St. Albans or the local area, or an avid supporter, why not give St. Albans Car and Van Hire a call, to see how we can get you to and from the next game in style!

Posted on June 17th 2015

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