Back to Nature in Bricket Wood

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! Well, maybe not, but in the 1930s, the village of Bricket Wood – situated just over four miles south of St. Albans - became popular for naturism, with two sites , Five Acres County Club and Spielplatz, still remaining today.

However, if you take a drive to the village, you will find plenty of woodland, and a seventy hectare common. Bricket Wood Common is a remnant of a lowland heath, and there are areas of ancient woodland and dry heath, and several small ponds. The Common is a protected area – a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  The village itself is also surrounded by green fields, and describes itself as an island community.

If you enjoy a spot of horticulture, or like looking for and photographing wildlife, then it would be worth a trip to the village to volunteer with the group who are developing the new area of Hanstead Wood. This is a woodland planted in 2004 by local people, to benefit the environment, wildlife and the community. Local volunteers planted nearly two thousand trees and bushes, and it was opened to the public in 2007.

For those who enjoy a good run around in the fresh air and a bit of teamwork, then Bricket Wood Paintball Centre is the perfect place to pay a visit. The centre is pretty large, with nine different zones, such as The Vault, Speedball, and Hillbilly Village. It is a great place to try with friends, family and work mates, and as an ever-popular activity for many stag and hen weekends, why not hire a car, or even better a van (so more of you can go), from St. Albans Car and Van Hire, and get your adrenalin fix right here in Hertfordshire!

Posted on March 15th 2015

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