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Less than a 19 minute drive away from us here at St Albans Car and Van Hire is the village of Brookmans Park. Well known for it's deep and rich growth of local history, Brookmans Park is one of the most interesting places in the St Albans area.

Filled with tales of the past, historic sites and landmarks, perhaps the most interesting of them is the Folly Arch. Local legend depicts that "as a show of extravagance, a farthing was placed under each brick" so for generations local children have tested the legend and set about picking the mortar between the bricks apart in hope of lining their pockets! Sadly, all that was achieved was confirmation that the legend was false and the folly's stability suffered severely for it. It still stands, on the road between Brookmans Park and Potters Bar. If you are visiting the area then this is a must see landmark.

If you are interested in the history of Brookmans Park on the village website, 'The Brookmans Park Newsletter' you will find more than 20 complete history books (and 40 in-depth features), as well as a half-hour video about the history of the area. Well worth taking some time to learn about the area whether you live there or intend to visit, oh, and don't forget to read about the legendary story of Miss Muffet who was said to have hailed from the village itself!

Hiring a car is a great way to get around the local area to sight see, commute or simply go about your business in this beautiful part of the word. Car hire in Brookmans Park couldn't be easier than with St Albans Car and Van Hire as we are local and affordable, offering a good range of cars for hire.

If you would like to find out more about car hire in Brookmans Park then the easiest way is to visit the St Albans Car and Van Hire vehicle page where you will find details on our entire range of cars from hatchbacks to estate's and all the pricing details too.

Posted on May 7th 2014

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