The flatbed / dropside 7.5 tonne Ford Iveco

To cater to the lorry hire needs of those who require a vehicle which allows for fast and easy loading of large and less conventional loads, we chose the 7.5 tonne Ford Iveco which provides a versatile and very practical option for transporting heavy and non delicate loads of up to 2.7 tonnes.

It is perfect when loading heavy objects, offering easy open access for the use of cranes and fork lift trucks with the option of the invaluable dropside.

Our hire rate for a single day for just £123.60 which is great for short-haul distribution jobs. Most often these lorry's are hired for construction work and can be immensely useful for landscaping jobs. These jobs take more time and the use of a flatbed / dropside can be essential so we provide a hugely discounted hire rate for longer term hire of £2,190.04 for a 28 day period, that's a huge 58% discount on the 1 day hire rate. We also offer a weekly hire option of £618 a week (40% discount from the daily hire rate) and a weekend hire option £211 (17% less than the daily hire rate).

The Ford Iveco Features: ABS, Power Assisted Steering, Bulkhead, Dual Passenger Seat, Tacho, Electric Front Windows, Stereo and of course the flatbed and dropsides. The front and rear axles perform effortlessly under weight. Even when carrying a heavy mounted crane the Ford Iveco remains safe, comfortable and efficient. It's diesel engine does around 15 miles to the gallon (a conservative estimate) and it is definitely one of our most useful and diverse hire vehicles.

If you'd like to discuss hiring the Ford Iveco with us, you can call us on 01727 838151, email, or fill out our online contact form.

Posted on December 11th 2013

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