ULEZ, Congestion Charge & Dart Charge

When it comes to hiring a vehicle from us, we want it to be as stress free as possible from our economy Ford Fiestas to our 7.5 tonne Lorries! This is why we try and do all the hard work for you. The world we live in now comes with so many hidden costs. At St Albans Car and Van Hire we pride ourselves in the fact that what you see is what you get. This is why we take care of all the charges for you. Our ULEZ, Congestion Charge and Dart Charge are all on auto pay. This means you can drive in and out of these zones. All our vehicles are fitted with trackers and will let us know if you have entered any of these charging zones. If we are notified of a charge, we will then add the charge to your bill, and it will be deducted from your deposit. Simple.

Saying this, we also want to make your hire as cost effective as possible. We urge all our customers to notify us if they are planning on going into the ULEZ Zone. This is because some of our vehicles are ULEZ compliant and some are not. We do our best to allocate ULEZ compliant vehicles to customers who are going to be entering the zone to save as much money as possible.

So next time you hire with us, let us know if any of this applies to you and we at St Albans Car and Van Hire will do our very best to get you the best deals possible 

Posted on November 13th 2023

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