Welwyn Garden City - The talk of the office!

'Why do you need to hire a car or van in Welwyn Garden City?' Thats what the office at St Albans car and van hire were talking about this morning. Yes thats how passionate we are about making sure we offer our customers the best transport hire service in Hertfordshire!

So why hire a van? Well maybe it's time you cleared the garden? And that old trampoline will never fit in the back of your car. Or maybe your son or daughter are leaving Welwyn Garden City for a university in some faraway place? There is no way you will fit all the books, DVDs, television and clothes they will want to take with them in your car and even if you did, think of the strain you are putting on your car with all that weight.

Why would you hire a minibus? Let me tell you, there is nothing more fun then getting together with friends or extended family, and leaving the leafy suburbs of Welwyn Garden City for the bright lights of Blackpool, or even a trip to Windsor Legoland, and believe me there is no more economical way to do that than to hire a minibus and split the cost between two or more families.

Why hire a car? There are any number of reasons you may want to hire a car. Maybe your car is in for a service? Or maybe your lifestyle just doesn’t warrant a car 95% of the time, but for those few times when you visit distant family you would really like to travel in the comfort of your own personal space. Maybe you want to travel when it suits you and not to a timetable. Hiring a car is the only way you can really achieve that, or maybe you already have a car but would like to hire one for a longer journey that has more economy or comfort. Another great tip is if you are thinking of buying a car and you are just not sure- hire the same model for a few days or better still a week. That will let you get to grips with the cars in a way a test drive never will!

Why hire a car transporter? Are you buying a car on ebay? Why is it the best bargains are always at the other end of the country? Having a car transported by someone else for you will cost anything up to £3.50 per mile! If there are a few miles between you and that car you just won in the auction, the cost of getting it delivered will soon go in to the hundreds! So why not visit St Albans Car and Van Hire, hire a car transporter and do it yourself. The cost to hire is more economical then you think.

Posted on January 22nd 2012

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