Ford Transit 17 Seater Minibus

unlimited mileage
Ford Transit 17 Seater Minibus for Hire

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17 seater including driver

various models some with full length roof rack and tachograph

  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Transit
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Features: ABS, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Power Assisted Steering, Dual Passenger Seat, Roof Bars, Stereo, Alarm, Remote Central Locking.
  • Additional Charges: The London ULEZ charge of £12.50 per day will be added to your rental charge if you enter the zone.
Overall Width 7' 84" 2m 15cm
Overall Height 8' 96 2m 44cm
Overall Height with Roof Rack 8'7 103 2m 60cm
Overall Length 21' 8 260 6m 60cm
Payload (height with roof ra
Seating Capacity 17 including driver
Door Location sides/rear/cab

Ford Transit 17 Seater Minibus (some with full length roof rack)

The Ford 17 Seater Minibus from St. Albans Car and Van Rental is a spacious, reliable vehicle, perfect from large group travel and ideal for transporting sports teams up and down the country and beyond.

There’s ample room for luggage and equipment, and, like the 15 seater version, the majority of our minibuses come installed with a full-length roof rack, to either store additional luggage or make for more room in the minibus itself. A valuable feature for a large people mover. Whatever your requirements, the Ford Transit 17 Seater can cater for your needs.

Tachographs are fitted in most minibuses and in all vehicles there’s a stereo, alarm system and central locking as standard. Life is made easy for the driver, with power-steering and ABS coming as standard, making the experience more like driving a car than a fully-laden stretched minibus. There’re two front passenger seats, too. All the modern conveniences you’d expect from a member of the Ford family.

Like the smaller versions of the vehicle, the rental becomes very economical when taking into account the divided costs between a large group. At £190 per day, between up to 17 people (including the driver) it works out a highly reasonable outlay.

17 Seater Ford Transit Minibus available for Hire
Ford Transit Minibus for Hire
Large 17 Seater Ford Transit Minibus for Hire

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