Ford Transit Tipper Lorry

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100 miles max
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unlimited mileage
Weekly (4+ weeks)
unlimited mileage
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£70.80 £91.20 £456.00 £417.06 £140.00
Ford Transit Tipper Lorry for Hire

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carrying capacity 1 1/2 tonne

  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Transit
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Features: Driver Airbag, Power Assisted Steering, Bulkhead, Dual Passenger Seat, Tow Hitch, Stereo, Alarm, Remote Central Locking.
  • Licence: Can be driven on a normal licence.
  • Additional Charges: The London ULEZ charge of £12.50 per day will be added to your rental charge if you enter the zone.
Interior Load Length 11'4 136 3m 46cm
Interior Load Width 6'7 79 2m
Overall Width 6'11 83 2m 10cm
Overall Height 7'6 90 2m30
Overall Length 19'6 234 6m 20cm
Rear Door Size n/a n/a n/a
Payload 1.5 tonne/1500kg
Seating Capacity 3
Door Location cab

Ford Transit 35cwt Tipper Lorry

With a 1.5 tonne payload and a hydraulic lift, the Ford Transit Tipper Lorry is the ideal vehicle for construction workers, plant hire companies, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners or any number of professions which require loads to be dropped off easily and efficiently.

Specifically, the Ford Transit Tipper is a great vehicle for carrying loose loads, like aggregate, sand, logs and other garden waste, due to its ability to fully dispense of its contents with the hydraulic lift.

As the vehicle isn’t restricted by the dimensions of its body, loads are able to be mechanically lifted, either by forklift or crane. With low side panels and no roof, access is made doubly easy. Even for the most awkward of material.

With the interior load dimensions measuring at 2.10m wide by 3.46m long, there’s a considerable space in which to heap your cargo. The overall height of the lorry comes in at 2.3m.

This super versatile vehicle is fitted with driver airbag, power-assisted steering, dual-passenger seat, stereo, alarm and remote central locking. All the modern conveniences of a standard Ford, as well as it’s superb functional features. It also comes fully-equipped with a tow hitch. A regular Swiss Army knife of a vehicle, capable of numerous practical tasks.

Ford Transit Tipper Lorry for Rental
Ford Transit Lorry for Rental
Ford Transit Tipper Lorry available for Hire
Long Ford Transit Lorry for Hire
Ford Lorry for Rental

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