We've found one of our 1975 Transit Vans

We've got a very exciting new project, having just managed to track down one of our original transits from when we first opened in 1975! A real blast from the past. 

The Ford Transit, probably Fords longest running production model, is still produced today. In fact the 6th generation model has just been launched. Sadly, on the 26th July 2013, the last Transit rolled off the UK production line, after 48 years, in favour of Fords Turkish plant. A sad day for British industry!

Replacing the Ford Thames 400E, the MK1 Transit changed the way commercial vehicles where produced forever. With its superior road handling, making it car like to drive, and it's 1.7ltr or 2ltr petrol engines. According to BBC's Top Gear during the 1970's the Transit was used in 95% of all robberies as a getaway vehicle, undoubtedly due to it's performance. We don't plan to use ours for any robberies - but it's interesting history nonetheless! A diesel version was also available.

Produced in many many formats, from Ambulance, Camper, Ice Cream Van, Recovery Trucks, Fire Engines to name just a few.

We've managed to track ours down through the DVLA... eventually locating it in Cyprus of all places!

So what did we do? We got it shipped over and have it sat in our yard now of course!

It is in great condition considering how old it is. We plan to slowly and carefully completely restore the whole van.

More photos of our continued progress will hopefully follow in the months to come!

Posted on July 24th 2014

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