What happens if my vehicle breaks down?

Now we try our best…but we are not superheroes. As you know owning a vehicle can have its disadvantages, especially when it breaks down. Sometimes you couldn’t possibly see it coming! And unfortunately, sometimes this happens even at hire companies like ours. It isn’t something we want to advertise, but we are not going to hide it away! Our mechanics go above and beyond to ensure that every vehicle that goes out on hire is safe but sometimes it’s just down to being unlucky. 

Obviously, we want our customers to feel safe when hiring from us and know that we are always only a phone call away. This is why we are a 24-hour service. When we close our office, the phones automatically switch to our out of hours night service which is always manned by a member of staff until we open the office back up again.

This means that whenever, wherever, and whatever happens we are always there to give you a helping hand. All over vehicles are also fitted with an AA card on the dash. If we believe, due to distance etc, that it would be better and quicker for the AA to recover the vehicle rather than us then we will do so. We will work around you to find the best possible outcome. 😊

Posted on February 14th 2024

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