Why so many Harpenden residents hire cars and vans

Moving - Everyone hates it, but we all have to do it at some stage. Maybe you don't have enough stuff to move with a removal firm, or you simply want to do it yourself. I don’t know about you, but there’s only one person I'd trust to move my computer, TV or fish tank- and that's me!  but there's no way I'd get any of that in my car. So what’s easier then to hire a van and get a mate to help you lift the sofa into the back? We can even provide boxes, tape, and sack-barrows. In fact we can provide all your removal needs.

Visitors - At some stage we all have family or friends visit and stay for a week or two. Don't worry about how you will accommodate them transport wise. Thats when its a great option to hire a car that is bigger and roomier. Sometimes your visitors may want to hire a car of their own. We can even provide satellite navigation rentals so they don't get lost!  But how much more fun is it, when everyone travels together - lots of talking and laughing. That's what friends and family are all about, sticking together! Its just the excuse you need to hire a Minibus from St Albans Car and Van Hire.

Business Travel – Many of us commute to work these days- rail travel is cheap and Harpenden is on the main-line. So if your office is near a station- getting there is often easy. However the train is often busy and noisy with no guarantee of a seat. I know I often used to arrive at work feeling stressed and distracted after the hustle and bustle of the train. Thats why so many choose to hire a car when they need to prepare for a big meeting and need space to think, or sometimes even just to treat themselves to a little comfort and peace at the end of a tiring month.

Car Breakdowns – There was a time we had a local garage mechanic that looked after our cars Now we don't  have the same loyalty to mechanics. You will usually just go to the best deal in Harpenden on the day. Unfortunately sometimes the fix isn't all that easy and your car may be off the road for a few days. When this happens, there is an option - hire a car from St Albans Car and Van Hire (after all ,we are only a stones throw away and its why were here!) and in some cases the expense may be covered by your insurance company so its worth checking your policy documents!

Holidays - When you're planning a holiday, whether its just a short break or a longer family holiday, the choice to hire a car is a good one! If you take your own car you will need to have it serviced and maybe have to have new tyres fitted .It's also a good idea to check that you have your 24hours roadside assist membership up to date. BUT, if you hire a car we will have a vehicle just right for your family size, all serviced, checked over and in the unlikely event of breakdown, 24hour roadside assistance is included in the price.

Posted on January 23rd 2012

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